• Registration does not imply admission it is subject to the availability of seat and fulfilling of admission criteria.
  • Parents may collect prospectus and registration form from school office or download it from the school website or use the link provided below.
  • The duly filled in registration form to be submitted at the school office.
  • After registration the child is required to appear for an interview admission test.
  • Schools fees deposit will not be refunded.
  • The mode of payment is in cheque/cash/debit card/credit card/online transfer
  • You can also email us at cnsbadmission@gmail.com Or call us at 90647 92605 for further information on the admission process
  • The parents are required to fill up the admission form very carefully before submission with the admission form of Rs.500 at school office during office hours

Documents required for admission

1)Photocopy of birth certificate
2)Photocopy of address proof.
3)Photocopy of the father and of the child and parents.
4)Passport size photo of child (two copy)
5)Passport size photo of parents (one copy)
6)Passport size photo of local guardian ,if any (one copy)
7)Original transfer certificate and photocopy of marksheet of previous school
8)Photocopy of communities certificate (If Any)
9)Parents income/service salary certificate
10)Photo copy of medical report and certificate for blood group and other allergies et cetera
11)Child Fitness certificate

Admission Age Criteria

Class Name Ages(years)
TODDLER Age 4+ Years
NURSERY Age 5+ Years
L.K.G Age 6+ Years
U.K.G Age 7+ Years
CLASS-I Age 8+ Years
CLASS-II Age 9+ Years
CLASS-III Age 10+ Years
CLASS-IV Age 11+ Years
CLASS-V Age 12+ Years
CLASS-VI Age 13+ Years
CLASS-VII Age 14+ Years
CLASS-VIII Age 15+ Years
CLASS-IX Age 16+ Years
CLASS-X Age 17+ Years

Fee Structure

Class Tuition Fee Admission Fee
L.K.G 1,000 7,950
U.K.G 1,050 8,150
CLASS-I 1,100 9150
CLASS-II 1150 9,450
CLASS-III 1200 10,850
CLASS-IV 1250 11,450
CLASS-V 1300 12,200
CLASS-VI 1450 15,050
CLASS-VII 1500 15,600
CLASS-VIII 1550 16,150
CLASS-IX 1650 16,750
CLASS-X 1700 20,000